Wet Plate Portraits

If you would like to experience the original victorian photographic process by having your own portrait captured using the process from the 1800’s this is your chance as we will be offering personal portrait sittings at the event on Wednesday 28th and Saturday 31st March.

The process takes about 15mins during which time you can watch your portrait appear on a glass or metal plate. Its a truly magical experience from setup through to the final developing of the plate.

At the end of the session the plate will need to be dried and protected and then collected or delivered when finished. Sometimes the process decides to fail so the whole process will be repeated untill we have a satisfactory plate.

Cost for the session including any finished plates is £20 per sitting to cover materials. I can also offer the plates framed ready to hang for an additional £20 per plate.

Whilst we plan to offer sittings on demand on these dates you can pre book a session by getting in touch with myself prior to the event.

Notes. Plates captured during these sessions are the classical 5″x4″ plate. Larger plates can be created by arrangement.

Dave Hunt

Please visit my own website for some samples of my wet plate portraits. davehunt.eu/wetplate

March 2018