Jo Cound

When I was 16 at Bournville College of Art I got to try photography. As soon as I developed my first roll of Black &White film and made my first print I knew photography was for me. The art of exposing a negative and processing the film, then to make a beautiful print was (and still is) so exciting! The alchemy of seeing the image appearing in the dev tray is magical! I love printing and getting the perfect negative and making the perfect print is an art.

I went on to study photography for 5 years and graduated in 1996 with a BA(hons) Design: Photography. I worked at a commercial studio for 2 years, then for Kodak Professional for a year and started my own business in 1999. I exhibit and sell my photographs, take commercial photography jobs, image restoration, run Photography Workshops and teach Digital Photography and Photoshop.