Perthshire based photographic artists Jo Cound, Jamie Grant and Dave Hunt have come together to celebrate analogue photography as the Silver Alchemy Collective.

The Silver Alchemy Collective Manifesto

“The digital world has swept us all up in the space of a generation and turned us into carnivorous consumers of a multitude of throwaway images. The human race is now taking more photos than ever, with conservative estimates of 1.2 trillion images taken in 2017 on smart phones alone. The vast majority of these images are snapped, filtered, shared and forgotten almost as instantly as they are taken. We have reached the restless age of empty, compulsive recording. 

The Silver Alchemy Collective is all about slowing down to truly appreciate the world around us. Producing images with grace, patience and craft. Taking time to engage meaningfully in the process of shooting, developing, editing and print making ourselves.

We produce finished images that demand more then a cursory look, swipe or ‘like’. These are soulful photographs that invite the viewer into a universe of feeling, light and ambiguity. We are committed to creating images made with the human hand, eye and heart.”

Jo Cound, Dave Hunt, Jamie Grant

March 2018

Our first project – A Portrait of an Artist.