Its coming up to 30yrs …..

Its coming up to 30yrs since I deved my first film and unfortunately these days technology, digital cameras, phones and tablets have taken all the skill and excitement of the photographic process away.

My favourite way of working is still using my film cameras, I love the quality of the negatives especially from 5×4 and having something real and tangible is very satisfying.  Being an artist for me is like having a disease, no matter how many photographs I take there will always be something out there that will inspire me to make more!!!

I am really excited to be working with Dave and Jamie on this new project, especially as it is celebrating proper photography!  It is a long time since I have photographed people, but that is all I did when I first started out.  I am going to be using my large format MPP 5×4 camera with B&W film, taking detailed portraits of artists and how they work to create their art.

This is Freddie Fincher, an amazing man, in his 80s in this photo, he saved lots of wild land in the Worcestershire and Midlands area, preserving nature long term.  One of  my favourite spots in Worcestershire that he saved is Eades Meadow, it is full of wild and unusual orchids in May, a wonderful place.


Freddie Fincher

post and photo by Jo Cound. Jan 15th 2018

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