A Portrait of an Artist

Jamie, Jo and I have been threatening to work on a collaborative project for years so when we had the opportunity to share in something we all feel passionate about, an exhibition to celebrate Analogue Photography then it seemed that our destiny had arrived.

Our proposal for Perthshire Creates ‘Platform 18’ event was gratefully accepted and we have been provided with a rather fine venue in the city centre of Perth.

All we need to do now is get working and produce the exhibits, its rather scary how close the event is.

The theme for our own exhibition is to portray Perthshire based artists in a variety of vintage photographic mediums from 35mm to medium and large formal film and glass/tin plates. What is most exciting is that we each have different styles of work so the exhibition promises to have a great deal of variety not just in image style but also working practice and ultimately how we each present our chosen artists.

Alongside the artists portraits will also be exhibitiong a sample of our other personal work.

As we get closer to the event at the end of March we will be sharing plans for what the visitor will experience.

Update – April 2018 :
The event has now come and gone and have to say rather exceeded our expectations – full review here very soon.


by Dave Hunt – Jan 7th 2018



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